Our School

Welcome to Doon International School Alinagar. Doon International School building is being constructed on vast area with lush green surrounding and environment friendly as well as pollution free quite atmosphere. The school have spacious and ventilated classroom and vast open spaces for assembly and sports activity.

It provides comprehensive education keeping in view the country’s rich heritage and cultural background and opens opportunities for the development of different facets of the child’s personality. Besides academic excellence and intellectual development, the school endeavors to help in each child discover and develop his/her innate talents and abilities.

It seeks to instill in the children proper habits, positive attitudes, and values such as honesty, unselfishness, self-respect, self control, sense of duty, good manners, fair play, team spirit, dignity of labour, punctuality, compassion, freedom of mind and a rational and scientific approach. Conscious effort is made to foster pride and love for the country and its great heritage and tradition of tolerance epitomized in the noble phrase “Vasudev Kutumbhkam” – the whole world is one family.

Our Core Values

The purpose of Doon International School (DIS) is student centric and entails the following :

  • Promote academic, social, physical and personal growth.
  • Teach learning skills, which will be of lifelong values.
  • Develop the ability to think and communicate with clarity and precision.
  • Provide opportunities to explore moral and health issues.
  • Develop creative skills.
  • Encourage curiosity, experimentation and rigorous intellectual analysis.
  • Instill a conviction that education is continuous and open-ended process.
  • encourage them  to become aware of and act upon their responsibilities towards themselves.

Foster a healthy sense of self-esteem and self-awareness. Encourage respect and compassion for others.



The process of learning made enjoyable active and dynamic. Acknowledge that students have a wide variety of learning styles, academic abilities, and linguistic and cultural experience. Community service in the school through various activities. Encourage problem solving, discovery, creativity and self-direction. Recognize, appreciate and celebrate success in a Variety of ways at many different levels. Propound spirit of partnership involving the student, staff, and parents. Coaching by experienced faculty members.


Our teachers with their diverse educational and personal background bring to this campus a rich variety of knowledge and experience that contribute to global awareness and a better understanding of education. DIS has a good team of teachers committed to students that stretches from classroom to dining room to athletic field and every place in between. They share the joy of child who has worked hard to complete a project, and the pain of losing the team. They know when to simply gives the children time to short  through things on their own. They are determine, dedicated and demonstrative.


It is a well known fact that children learn better when they experience practically the knowledge that they receive through class teaching. DIS educational philosophy strive to blend the heritage, culture and values and wisdom of glorious ancient India with the constantly changing needs and aspirations of modern society. It seeks to develop every student into a self-reliant, socially useful, disciplined and law abiding citizen by providing regular and standard coaching. It also aims at making the child fit to take up various responsible position in life.

Our curriculum brings to the learners the best of both the worlds. In unites the educational approach in India and in the West, to form a program of study that ensure a sense of identity, spiritualism and ethics in the learners with a scientific understanding of their individual needs.

DIS follows the most progressive Indian academic structure as outlined by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) New Delhi.


                A strong, active, resourceful and deeply committed Parent Teacher Association meets from time to time to extend a helping hand to the school to achieve its aims and objective. It takes plays a key role in the developmental activities of the school and welfare of the students.


At DIS, medium of instruction and first language from LKG to upper classes in English. Three languages I,e. English, Hindi and Arabic/ Sanskrit are taught. In class 1 and 2, we accept children who have limited ability in English language. From Class 3 onwards, it is essential that all children arriving new at the school already have a good command of spoken and written English.


Our early childhood programme emphasize child centric, self directed learning and is concerned with the ‘whole child’ its intellectual progress as well as its social, emotional, creative and physical well being. It provides children with a rich and stimulating environment in which proper learning can occur. Concrete experiences in a number of areas are provided for children of this age to learn by doing.

In our early childhood programme we adopt the way as children naturally learn. They learn best in relaxed ambience, where they can freely and recreationally explore and implore their environment with joy and play way method.