Class Rooms

The classrooms are spacious, well ventilated and conducive to a healthy, interactive and creative environment where students learn and find solution to complex problem by probing, discussing and brainstorming. Smart classes and digital classrooms are being provided for the all classes.


The security of the student is very important in this fastest world. The DIS provides transport facility to the students as possible in order to make sure comfortable and safe of students and parents. This facility is for the students only those who prefer to come in the bus.

SMS & Phone Calls

We motivate students to learn more and more through the daily home works; it is informed not only through school diary but also through SMS every day. The class teacher or the subject teacher tries to contact the parents regarding students’ performance every day as possible number of students. Parents are informed through SMS if any student is absent on a particular day.

Computer Lab

We have the ‘WIFI’ campus which is even connected to the students’ computer lab. The labs are accessible to the students under the professional guidance of qualified computer professionals. It is a hub of activities all through the school hour. We have integrated computer skills into the curriculum and all the students are compulsory given computer training to promote the technology-infused learning environment.


A well stocked and well-equipped school library is a frequent haunt of book lovers among the students. The school library has a very rich stock of books, dictionaries, magazines, journals etc. and Encyclopaedia offering intellectual food to both the teachers and students alike. The library has liberal working hours and their dedicated staffs facilitate the optimum use of the library.

Art & Crafts Department

The Academic Block of the school can boast of a special ART& CRAFT Studio that managed by the specialized faculty always guiding and encouraging students to their artistic exploits.

CCTV Camera

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems have had a mixed success rate at school sites. The need for CCTV will very much depend on the individual school. Cameras seem to be springing up everywhere and schools are no exception to this. There is a growing desire to take action to help reduce and prevent crime and the installation of CCTV cameras is currently the favoured method of doing this. Our school campus is keenly observed with this system.