Hearty welcome to Doon International School (DIS), Alinagar. It is indeed a pleasure to lead an infant institution like DIS, which creates a name for itself proving holistic and quality schooling.

A dynamic and progressive school system is characterized by the extent and magnitude of the care it takes of its pupil and thereby of there future. Every child is genetically genius. The task of education is to awake the child to his genius. DIS leaves no stone unturned to meet manifold needs of children such as intellectual, emotional spiritual and disciplinary. The school provides a stimulating environment to let the young ones flower and develop the qualities of character, integrity and social responsibility.

The entire staffs of DIS is aware that it is at this stage the child begins to develop as an individual and important adjustment being to take place in the child’s personality as a social intellectual being. We seek active cooperation and environment from the parents so that our efforts to strive scholastic excellence may reach fruition.

Through this brochure we aim to enlighten you on our vision and ideology, familiarize you with our working culture, the teaching methodologies being used the kind of environment that has been set up for the student our plan for future and how all these factor combined together will eventually reveal our goal as educators in achieving the ultimate objective of nation building.

For more information about us and an update on our development kindly contact us on disalinagar@gmail.com


DIS, Alinagar