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Fee Structure for Class Pre Primary to - STd. VIII

One time charges at the time of Admission.

Registration Fee : Rs.500/-

Admission Fee : Rs.2000/-

Development Fee : Rs.1000/-

Annual Charges : Rs.1000/-


Tuition Fee

Class Nur - LKG : Rs.650/Month (Quarterly Rs.1950/-)

Class UKG - Std.I : Rs.700/Month (Quarterly Rs.2100/-)

Class STd.II - Std.III : Rs.750/Month (Quarterly Rs.2250/-)

Class Std.IV - Std.V : Rs.800/Month (Quarterly Rs.2400/-)

Class Std.VI: Rs.850/Month (Quarterly Rs.2550/-)

Class Std.VII: Rs.900/Month (Quarterly Rs.2700/-)

Class Std.VIII: Rs.950/Month (Quarterly Rs.2850/-)

Class Std.IX : Rs.1000/Month (Quarterly Rs.3000/-)

Class Std.X: Rs.1100/Month (Quarterly Rs.3300/-)

Transportation 0-5KM: Rs.600/Month

Each KM Rs.100/Month Extra

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