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Message from the Desk of Chairman

Our goal is to provide a world class schooling system in which all students can benefit from the opportunities than a quality education provides. Through our tireless efforts Doon International School has came into offer dynamic, flexible and environments that maximize students learning outcomes. ( Read More... )

Message form the Desk of Director

Doon International School (DIS) Alinagar, is emerging with and unlimited vision to create

World peace through education and to nurture thoughtful as well as proactive citizen committed to the service of humanity. ( Read More... )

Message from the Desk of Principal

Hearty welcome to Doon International School (DIS), Alinagar. It is indeed a pleasure to lead an infant institution like DIS, which creates a name for itself proving holistic and quality schooling. ( Read More... )

-: Your Child's Ambition is our Passion :-

Dear Parents

We are happy to extend our hands to hold yours in our effort to offer children one of the best option n quality education in Alinagar.

When it comes to education, with stress on quality, we assure you will admit stress on quality, we assure you will admit that it is the teachers who play the most vital role in moulding the tender minds of children into adorable young adults with path breaking achievements. This enormous responsibility puts a great deal of onus on teachers and with the phenomenal advancement. This enormous responsibility puts a great deal of onus on teachers and with the phenomenal advancement in technology and increasing challenges in the educational system. A teacher’s job has come more demanding and at times, highly stressful. It has therefore more essential than ever, to ensure that their task, to groom students, is made far more interesting and effective than ever.

We, at DIS, take great pride in introducing an ultra-modern school with enormous stress on developing the global outlook with adherence to Indian values. Let us all join hands and contributes our minds in building a wonderful future for our children.

To that utopian future of perfection, we dedicates this school to the nation in general and to the people of Alinagar in particular. We wish you and your children a brilliant future.


DIS, Alinagar